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    Live, Love, Inspire 

            My new album                

     'From Judy with Love' 

                is out now!

         Let's spread love

           through music.

 If my soul could speak this is                what it would tell you.

   Listen with your heart and

you will get to know me better          than words could ever tell.

              ~ Judyesther ~

My musical journey 

My story is more about people's kindness and generosity, the love from folks I discovered through the internet.

I learned to play the piano as a child, enough to acquire a basic knowledge of the instrument. Although I didn't enjoy it much at the time, as an adult I now greatly appreciate being able to play the piano. I composed my first song at the age of forty, recording my performance of it on my acoustic piano. Although the quality of the sound left much to be desired, I was happy with it at that time. I named my first composition "Dreams".

I created my pseudonym "Judyesther" and uploaded the video of my first composition to YouTube.

Surprisingly, it drew several nice comments and so I was motivated to compose more melodies.

When I had several pieces on YouTube I got some nice feedback - from good composers and musicians like Kathryn Toyama, Randy Badazz Alpert, Nadia Cripps, Edwin Orion Brownell, John Sokoloff, Julia Oros, Paolo Fanzaga… and I was really ecstatic about it.

I thought about asking how to get a better sound quality for my songs. Gianni Latrofa (Italian musician and composer from Venice) helped me with his good advice and explanations and so I bought a digital piano and learned how to record. I'm really thankful for that.

Next, the lovely Kathryn Toyama (composer from California) informed me about the ‘mastering’ process, which was new to me. She introduced me to Paul Speer (composer and musician from Arizona). Paul has been working on all of my songs to get the best possible CD quality. He is a great person and a seasoned musician as well.

I absolutely have to mention Robert King's name (from California) too, who offered to publish sheet music for my pieces. I was so happy about that. I myself had some doubts as to whether my compositions were good enough, since I never had a formal education in music. But he (has been a piano teacher for 40 years) has reassured me that everything is ok with my pieces. :)  Many thanks to him.

I count myself very lucky to have found such fantastic people in the magical world of music and internet. I still keep contact with those nice people.

I say “thank you!” to all my family and friends. It is because of them I continue to develop my art of composing, which is now an intrinsic part of my life.

I am presently working on my 11th release. All of my compositions are inspired by genuine emotions as well as reflections of the past.


I am grateful I discovered my talent for composing. It gives me great satisfaction while making others happy. 




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